NASA’s Curiosity Mars Rover Landing

Curiosity begins a two-year investigation of whether Mars is or ever was capable of supporting microbial life.

Gliese 581g tops list potentially habitable alien planets

The exoplanet Gliese 581g is the best candidate to host life beyond our own solar system, according to a new ranking of potentially habitable alien worlds, Scientific American has reported. There are now over 800 known exoplanets and this list keeps growing every month as we discover thousands more. We are bound to find planets similar to Earth that could support intelligent organic life like ourselves!

Largest black holes discovered lurking in monster galaxies

Black hole 2 2076038b

University of California, Berkeley, astronomers have discovered the largest black holes to date – two monsters with masses equivalent to 10 billion suns that are threatening to consume anything, even light, within a region five times the size of our solar system… Read More

Dark Matter Search Comes Up Empty… WIMPS?


The most sensitive search yet for the elusive particles that may make up dark matter has turned up nothing, putting stronger limits than ever on the ingredients of nature’s invisible stuff.

Dark matter is thought to make up about 83 percent of the matter in the universe, yet scientists can’t see or touch it. Astronomers detect its presence through its gravitational pull on the normal matter of galaxies and stars.

A leading idea suggests dark matter is made of particles called WIMPS (shorthand for “Weakly Interacting Massive Particles”) predicted by some theoretical physics models. These heavy particles would pervade the universe, flying through Earth and our bodies every moment, yet would almost never collide with other particles, so would be virtually undetectable.. Read More

The Force is strong with this one…

Robert Scoble Rages Over Google Events Spam

7 Billion People on Earth!

In 2011 you will be 1 in 7 billion people on earth.

10 Tips for Tech Entrepreneurs

Kevin Rose, Digg’s founder, spoke at Webstock in Wellington, New Zealand and covered 10 amazing tips for entrepreneurs. They were truly insightful and obviously came straight from the heart and soul of someone who worked a day job and built his dream after hours. This is our take of what he had to say. » Read the rest of this entry «

Obama: $8.3 billion to build first nuclear plant in 3 Decades

US to Build 1st Nuclear Plant Since the 70s
Obama just gave a speech on clean energy after touring a clean jobs training facility in Lanham, MD. In the speech, he made the announcement that his administration has approved an $8.3 billion loan guarantee to build the first nuclear power plant in the US in three decades. » Read the rest of this entry «

Moscot Eyewear and Eyecare since 1915

MOSCOT Eyewear and Eyecare Since 1915 has been a New York City institution for nearly 100 years.

» Read the rest of this entry «

Square. Accept credit card payments everywhere by anyone!


Is this iPhone Credit-Card Reader going to change the way we exchange money? Is this the start of a trend to end the exchange of paper money? I don’t know but it’s a really cool device!

Windows Phone 7 Series Demo Video

See what happens when you push the envelope. Check out this video to get a first-hand look at the latest Windows Phone that brings your people, photos, music, and video into an unrivaled mobile experience. With a holistic design that brings together web content, applications and services into a single view, phones worship you now, not the other way around.

Experience Catastrophic Hard Drive Failure Without Catastrophe

If you’ve ever wondered what caused massive hard drive failure or what a pretty much destroyed hard drive looked like, there’s an app for you.
Drive Savers has created the DriveSaver app for the iPhone, calling it the “first online hard disk drive simulator,” which it is, in all likelihood. The app is free. Of course, Drive Savers isn’t being completely altruistic here – they’re a data recovery company and want your business. But for those who aren’t intimately familiar with the interior of their computers, the app is pretty cool. » Read the rest of this entry «