Understanding Gravity and the Speed of Light

April 27th, 2013 Comments Off on Understanding Gravity and the Speed of Light

Thanks to Einstein’s General theory of relativity we know that gravity is an indirect result of mass and not a direct result. The Earth is not pulling us down because it has gravity, it’s “pulling” all mass towards it because it’s large mass is causing a distortion of the geometry of space and time. The “fabric” of space is becoming bent because mass and space can not coexist at the same point and the fabric of space is becoming displaced by the mass of the object in this case our planet Earth. The more mass an object has the more distortion it causes. This distortion is why all mass including zero mass photons (light) falls towards the Earth; the Earth is causing a curved path in space which allows objects to fall towards it. An extreme example of this is a black hole. The geometry of space and time is distorted so much that it begins to fold over it’s self causing all mass including light from escaping it’s distortion of space time after it crosses it’s event horizon (the point of no return). – Rick Viegas